Roof Management Benefits

Roof management is an asset, not a liability. One of the most significant benefits of roof management is that it allows you to cost effectively extend the life of your roof by as much as 50%.

Using a reliable roof management company can result in extensive savings to their customers by providing the opportunity to invest in the latest techniques for new roof or roof repairs for the most reasonable price.

For existing roofing systems, proper maintenance and roof management is usually where the property owner realizes the biggest savings. The cost of roof management or maintenance is recovered when the service life of the roof is extended by just one year.

Most generally, roof maintenance is required in an emergency situation, usually in inclement weather conditions.

This type of emergency repair require maintenance repair crews to perform temporary emergency repairs in less than ideal situations which increases and raises the cost significantly to the property owner.

Later that same company will return when conditions allow to make the permanent repairs. The property owner has now sustained costs for temporary repairs, permanent repairs and very possibly, interior damage repairs.

Roof management cannot totally eliminate emergency repairs, but it can reduce and decrease the frequency by which they occur.

Regular inspections and maintenance by a reliable roof management firm can identify problems, recommend and perform needed repairs before the problem progresses into serious leaks resulting in costly damages to the roof and the building.

Better allocation of funds for repairs and replacement is another benefit of roof management. Many times roofs are replaced before it is absolutely necessary.

Surface deterioration, recurring leaks, storm damage etc. can make property owners and facility executives think it is time to replace a roof, when in fact, routine maintenance and repairs performed when necessary would have extended the life of the roof and delayed expensive roof replacement costs.

Additionally, information on the roof conditions supplied by the roof management company will provide the property owner or facility executive with the criteria needed to budget and determine if minor repairs will correct the problem or if the roof system is approaching the end of its life and replacement is required.

For the most part, the roof is out of sight and out of mind. However, ignoring the roof often leads to premature roof failure. Therefore, because of the risks and costs involved, clearly, roof management should be a major priority for building owners and facilities managers.

A preventive maintenance program provides a number of benefits. It can increase the life of a roof by as much as 50%. It can reduce expenses freeing up funds for other needs.

It can reduce the cost of roof replacement, when it is time, by allowing the existing roofing insulation to be reused vs. replaced. It can also save money by preventing unnecessary emergency repairs.

Whether you own or manage 1 or 1,000 facilities, understanding and maintaining your roofing systems are a major part of roof management.

Depending on the severity of the problems, unplanned roofing issues can result in thousands and even up to millions of dollars in costs. Therefore, proper roof management is imperative in extending the life of your roof and keeping costs down.

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